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Individualized Attention

Children who attend the Ascent School have Individualized Education Plans that specifically identify each child's unique goals.  The nature of the Ascent School allows for those goals to be individually targeted and worked on daily for each child until they are achieved.  


Here a teacher works one on one with a student to ensure her understanding of the lesson.

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Child's Play

Parent's of typical children often take for granted how their children begin to imitate life and learn to play with cars, pretend kitchens and other toys and games.  For many children with autism these types of activities need to be taught, including playing games and even playing with another peer.


Here two students work together to learn how to take turns and play a game with each other.

Getting to Work

As the students move into their teen years some of the educational goals transition to vocational goals.  An emphasis on independent living skills and vocational training and practice get the young adults ready to become active community members. 


Here one of our students learns how to sort and file documents to enable productive work in an office environment.

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Community Support

A critical component of Ascent's program involves establishing community partnerships with local businesses. These businesses help integrate our students into the Deer Park community and neighboring areas.   Our students learn to select and purchase food items at Stop & Shop, use dressing rooms at Kohl’s to try on clothing, and order coffee or a meal at Starbuck’s.  Others work out at Retro Fitness, recycle bottles and cans at BJ’s, and wash and roll towels for Long Island Fitness and Wellness.  Student volunteers sample a wide variety of job skills.  They collate mailings at the LI United Way Headquarters, clean tables and benches  at Miller’s Ale House, help prepare food at the Texas Roadhouse, and stock inventory at Pet Supplies and Advance Auto Parts

Thank you to all our Community Friends of Ascent for their ongoing support and dedication to the children.

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