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The Ascent Funding Organization is an organization which provides funding for the Ascent School for Autism in Long Island New York.   Ascent Funding Organization ("AFO") is comprised of families and friends of children that attend the Ascent School for Individuals with Autism (the "Ascent School").  Each year the AFO is charged with raising funds to close the gap between the cost of educating the children with autism that attend the Ascent School and the reimbursement provided by the NYS Department of Education.


The Ascent School is a private, non-for-profit school for children diagnosed with autism and atypical pervasive developmental disorders. It provides a full day, 12 month academic and behavioral treatment program to preschool and school age children ranging in age from 3 to 21 years. The primary goals of the Ascent School are to prepare children with autism for enrollment in public school classrooms, for vocations that will enable them to become productive members of society, and ultimately to help them acquire the skills necessary to lead independent lives. The Ascent School is a model education program providing appropriate levels of supervision and expertise in a research-based, applied behavior analytic forum. With appropriate educational technology, and a highly dedicated team of professional supervisors and teaching staff, the Ascent School is able to make dramatic strides in the lives of children with autism. 

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